Benita Justus

Driven by a strong desire to help people in their Development and to help them to achieve their goals. Benita Justus recognizes and exposes Potential. She developed over many years – after her training as a profiler – a method that goes far beyond standard facial profiling and relates the most important personality traits to each other with the help of a matrix.

With her unique Matrix-Heasbased Method and her deep and precise “decoding” of each and every individual, Benita Justus enables people to develop in the best possible way.


Through the individual Personality Assessment of Benita Justus, one is enabled to act from one’s own individual strength.

Many Companies make their Personnel decisions exclusively with the help of Benita Justus, both in the selection of candidates and in the staffing within the Teams, as well as audits and more.

Private individuals
get advice in order to Clarity their Competencies and strengths, and thus to be able to act more successfully both professionally and privately.

Benita Justus also passes on her method in seminars at her Academy or Online. She also gives regular international lectures on this topic as a Keynote speaker
in English and in German.



Individual basic analysis – One question, one answer.
With orally transmitted results

  • Getting to know each other for more self-knowledge and self-reflection

99,- EUR (plus VAT / 117,81 EUR incl. VAT)

– or –

Individual in-depth analysis
with detailed written elaboration

In-depth analysis of own strengths and personality traits

  • Working out one’s own potential
  • Improving the ability to assess other people
  • Targeted assistance with existing questions or conflicts

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Profiling – via zoom or on site

197,- EUR (plus VAT / 234,43 EUR incl. VAT)

Deeper basic analysis
With personally transmitted results

  • For more self-knowledge and self-reflection
  • On photo or video basis
  • Created individually and at short notice for you
  • various applications


Individual in-depth analysis
with detailed written elaboration

  • In-depth analysis of strengths and personality traits
  • Working out the potentials
  • Improving the ability to assess other people
  • Targeted assistance with existing questions or conflicts

Analysis of up to 10 employees/day
– Daily rate

  • Reliable decision support for the selection of candidates when filling vacancies
  • Identification of performance and development potential of employees
  • Approaches to conflict resolution and improved communication
  • Team building and team strengthening through individual potential analysis

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Basic elements of the headbased profiling method on 2 days

With practical applications and active exercises within the seminar group (max. 8 participants).

You will be able to answer these guiding questions after the seminar:

  • How are the basic needs and interests of this person distributed?
  • What are the appropriate core activities and professional orientations of this person?
  • What are this person’s recurring error patterns?
  • How does this person communicate – how do I need to talk to them?
  • How assertive and strong-willed is this person?

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International Key-Note Speaker
– German and English.
Benita Justus is convincing as a key note speaker, regardless of the size of her audience. She manages to captivate people with her humour and very in-depth knowledge of the subject of personality traits.

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Watch carefully

is the great talent

by Benita Justus.

Her trained eye observes,

without judging,

pays attention to the smallest details

and different facets.



Dipl.-Psych. Maren Lammers

Psychological psychotherapist

As an experienced profiler and lecturer of the face mapping method, Benita Justus creates a detailed personality profile. This is an excellent starting point both for one’s own further development potential and for selection processes in the personnel department of companies. I can only recommend coaching in combination with a detailed analysis within the framework of the innovative method by Benita Justus.

Tarané Yuson and Nadia Schliephake

Owner, YeS IDEAS GmbH

“I remember well how Nadia Schliephake looked at me askance when I suggested to her that we should have Benita assess us in order to get off to a better start in our professional partnership. It is now part of our policy to consult Benita on important positions. The trick is to balance your own instincts with Benita’s expertise.”

François Minec

General Manager, Velox GmbH

What we appreciate most about working with Benita Justus is her quick, precise analysis, which she uses to support us in staffing, mediation and general communication. Thanks to her experience, systematics and precise observation, she grasps the special characteristics of a person. This allows us to be more attuned to our interlocutors during team meetings or negotiations. And we can assess more clearly what we can expect from our counterpart.

Max Stürken

Managing Partner, Leuchtturm Group

Anyone looking to fill a new position or assemble a team knows that qualifications and experience are not everything. In order to quickly find out whether someone fits in with us and the advertised position, we work together with Benita Justus. We also use their profiling for communication and interaction – a better understanding of the different personalities promotes mutual respect and thus joint success.

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is the great


by Benita Justus.

Her trained eye observes,

without judging,

pays attention to the smallest details

and different facets.



Benita Justus request

The headbased method

Personality assessment and strengths analysis

We react spontaneously with sympathy or antipathy and usually think we have a pretty good gut feeling about other people. But how much of that is really true?

How much can we rely on this “feeling” when it comes to really important decisions?

What would our lives look like if we knew for sure that our partner would come with certain
Personality traits and that we could be
spared negative experiences and permanent friction?

What would it be like if we had reliable information about our own unique strengths
and characteristics, and we were therefore able to act from our strengths and maximize our

Only when you know your own individual talents, abilities, and strengths, can you develop as a person in both your private and professional life and be truly successful.

Research has shown that people who know their strengths intimately and have Clarity when it comes to thinking,feeling, and acting are far more engaged at work and in their personal lives. These individuals are also on the whole more productive and fulfilled, and as a result happier and healthier.


Benita Justus

Profiler | Author | Speaker


Neuer Wall 84,20354 Hamburg