Introductory seminar

Seminar on the basic elements of the headbased method(profiling).
You will deepen and train the knowledge imparted in the seminar through practical application in active exercises within the seminar group (max. 8 participants).


They will be able to answer these guiding questions after the seminar:

  • How are the basic needs and interests of these people distributed?
  • What are the appropriate core activities and professional orientations of this person?
  • What are this person’s recurring error patterns?
  • How does this person communicate? How do I talk to her?
  • How assertive and strong-willed is this person?


Place & Time:

The seminar will take place in the headbased academy.
headbased-Akademie– Neuer Wall 84 – 20345 Hamburg

Short seminars can also take place via Zoom.


Weekly seminar – May 2024

Thu.23. & Fri 24.5. 2024, 09:30 – 16:00 (Thurs.) and 09:30 – 15:00 (Fri.)

& Consolidation date



Basic seminar – 4 mornings 2024

Over a period of 2 weeks, two mornings per week each.

The dates can be arranged individually.

Feel free to contact me –

Next date

After arrangement




In order to graduate with a certificate from the headbased academy, it is necessary to attend all dates (either weekend seminar or weekly seminar).



only € 980,00 per person (net), incl. accompanying visual and training material as well as seminar drinks




Benita Justus request



Johanna Heußner


  • Why did you decide to become a profiler?
    Via a recommendation and after much deliberation, I visited Benita at her consultation. At first I was extremely sceptical, as there are no scientific studies on physiognomy. Personality is actually measured with psychometric tests, which ideally meet strict statistical criteria. Benita’s answers still convinced me. There are now many studies that highlight the influence of intuition or “quick thinking” (Cf. Kahneman 2012) in decision-making. In many cases, intuition is even a wise counselor as a complement to detailed analysis. Physiognomy explains how gut feelings come about when assessing personality. For me and my profession, physiognomy is a helpful system for assessing personalities even more precisely and accurately.
  • What did you particularly like about the further training as a “profiler” at Headbased?
    Psychology, especially personality psychology, has fascinated me since my school days. Why do we do what we do? What is our motivation behind this? And is it possible to predict such a thing? Benita has provided many new answers to this in the further training. In addition, she always makes the training vivid, entertaining and with humour.
  • What positive changes have you experienced as a result of the “Profiler” training? What do you see as the personal and/or professional added value of continuing education?
    The knowledge imparted in the further training has enriched my tried and tested psychological “toolbox” with a methodology, so that personality analyses have become even more precise and accurate.
  • What comes after further education?
    The next training block in August and of course even more fun using the newly equipped toolbox : )


Marion Luck

Owner, Glücks' Happy Office

“I decided to pursue further education at headbased because I liked to work more specifically with my clients. What I really liked about the training was that it was very flexible and I could always ask any questions within the participants.
Working together as a team (both with the trainer and with the other participants) was a lot of fun and made me progress even faster. In addition, I was able to further expand my network of experts.
Professionally, my clients benefit from my training because I can ask my questions more specifically. This saves time, money and nerves. It’s a win/win situation that makes my clients very happy as they can develop even faster.
I personally benefit from the training because, on the one hand, I am much more relaxed with myself and my behaviour, and I can also deal with my fellow human beings more patiently. After the first module, I especially appreciated the practice in everyday life, because what I learned can be practiced anytime and anywhere.
After the training is also before the training, because now I’m really looking forward to the advanced course to consolidate and expand what I’ve learned even more.”


Benita Justus

Profiler | Author | Speaker


New Wall 84
20354 Hamburg (Germany)